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Proactive Denial Management

Navigate billing challenges seamlessly with our proactive denial management solutions — ensuring your focus stays on patient care, not paperwork.

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About Us

Welcome to SJ Healthcare Consultancy, your comprehensive partner for optimizing and streamlining your medical business. At SJHC, our team of dedicated experts is committed to providing a one-stop solution to meet all your needs in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. From Medical Billing and Coding to Licensing, Denial Management, Credentialing, Transcription, Business Solutions, and proactive Client Follow-Up, we cover the entire spectrum of services essential for the success of your clinic or hospital.

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Streamlined Solutions Tailored For Your Practice

We Work With All Healthcare Providers

Our team of experts provides efficient medical billing solutions tailored to meet the needs of all healthcare providers. We work with primary healthcare, telehealth providers, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavioral counselors, and other healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Credentialing Services

We offer comprehensive credentialing and licensing services for all healthcare providers. Our team ensures that all the necessary documentation is in order and submitted on time.

Effective Denial Management Solutions

Our denial management services help healthcare practitioners to minimize revenue loss due to claim denials. Our team works to identify the root cause of the denials and implements strategies to prevent future denials.

Efficient in several medical Software
Proficient in handling ICANotes
We have worked on Simple Practice EHR
Proficient in using several Electronic medical record software

"We are very pleased with our decision to partner with SJ healthcare for revenue cycle management services. The staff’s level of expertise and attention to our organization’s needs quickly and expertly identified and corrected multiple in-house billing challenges we were facing. Their willingness to work with large health systems on our behalf saved significant time, which has enabled us to focus on the practice and our patients."

Dr. Ebere

We work with Horizon Insurance
Insurance Claim Processing
Insurance Billing Solutions
Streamlined Insurance Claim Processes
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